The Acqua Veritas SPA is located in the heart of the city of Évora, UNESCO world heritage, full of Roman remains. This SPA seeks to recreate the atmosphere of the ancient Roman baths, being unique in Portugal.

Although the concept of SPA is closely associated with massage and aesthetic treatments, in its origin SPA may correspond to the following messages: ‘salus per aquam’ or ‘Salutem per aquam` – to attain physical well-being by means of water; ‘Sanus per aquam’ – health by water or ‘sanum per aquam’ – to reach health by water.

All these expressions in Latin relate health and physical well-being to water.

The process of Roman SPA is simple and based in 3 pools with different temperatures. The tepidarium,  a pool of temperate water (about 32ºC) with relaxing effect. The caldarium, a pool of very hot water (about 40ºC), to maximize the muscular relaxation effect with vasodilatation action, with blood flow enhancement and pore opening, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin; and finally the frigidarium, a pool of cold water (about 16ºC) with invigorating effect, stimulating the skin and scalp, contributing to the improvement of the return effect of venous blood to the heart and the closure of the pores.

Inside In Acqua Veritas SPA you can enjoy the baths, in an air-conditioned environment, in several pools of cold, hot and temperate water, with water jets and waterfalls whose background noise provides a relaxing environment.  For a sensation of total relaxation you can also enjoy a massage, making this experience unique.  In the Winter Garden you can also have tea or taste typical Alentejo wines and tapas.

The ancient Roman Baths of Évora or public baths of the city, wich probably have been built between the second and third centuries, are located in the Évora City Hall building, in Sertório Square, a few meters away from In Acqua Veritas. It was discovered at the end of 1987, during the archaeological excavations in the oldest part of the City Hall building.

These have been the public baths of the city of that time … and maybe,  the largest public building of Ebora Liberalitas Julia (Roman Évora), with about 300 m2.

banhos romanos evoraevora roman baths

About our experiences

When you step inside you can enjoy several different experiences, such as aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and massages.

You can also taste our tea and enjoy the flavors and traditions of the Alentejo region.

We have seasonal events, including concerts, thematic nights and local celebrations.

The experience offered to our guests goes far beyond a bath in a heated pool, recovering ancestral techniques of relaxation, such as the sequential use of warm, hot and cold water tanks, followed by massages.

Here the ritual used in the Roman baths is recovered … here socialization, leisure and relaxation allows you to recover energy to continue visiting our fantastic city of Évora!

Our building

Our buikding, with about 326 m2, is located in the so-called “Casa Nobre da Rua do Imaginário” (XVIII-XIX), a noble house that is classified as Edification of Patrimonial Value. It is an ample space with old vaults and arches. A long and painstaking recovery effort was required to recover and adapt this old building. It has not been easy to safeguard existing architectural and spatial aspects that are considered heritage-relevant and highly valued for the visitor experience.

The building is an important part of the experience you will live. Much of the concept relies on the history of the city as well as its built heritage, with restoration work being essential to enhance the beauty of the building. The swimming pools and the massage room covered with marble from Alentejo region and the recovery of arches, vaults and walls in order to be visible the age and technology used in the construction of the building are details that value the whole experience of culture , leisure and relaxation.