Experience 4 Hands Massage

Choose the time to enter the baths.
Massages will be performed during the experience. If you would like a specific time for the massage please enter this information in the Notes before finalizing the order.

From: 119.00

The 4 hand massage is performed by two masseuses at the same time.
The 4 hand massage is a technique that involves a synchronization of the movements and pressures of the masseurs that provides a deep sense of balance, relaxation and comfort.

If you want a massage at the same time as a companion, you can make an appointment for two  (put 2 in the number of persons) and choose the DUO option.

This experience includes: Bathing, towel, bathrobe, tea and massage chosen.

The massage has a duration of 45m

This experience was suspended during the pandemic period due to the proximity of the massage therapists.


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