The minimum age for entry is 18 years. Teenagers between the ages of 16-18 can access, if they are accompanied by legal parents or legal guardians and those must sign a liability disclaimer form.

We recommend that you make your booking in advance: through this web page, or by  our bookings email. Our website does not allow bookings for the next 24 hours. To book an experience in the next 24 hours you must use the telephone and contact the reception. To guarantee bookings made via email, telephone or on reception, the full amount will be paid up to 24 hours before the scheduled date.

Booking cancellation or changes can be made up to a maximum of 48 hours prior to the scheduled date, otherwise the full amount or the gift card will be lost. In the case of group bookings of 10 or more persons, the guarantee, cancellation or modification period will be 8 days prior to the scheduled date.

We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes before your reservation. Once your shift is started it is not possible to recover unused time.  If you have a reservation and do not show up within 30 minutes after the scheduled time it will be canceled and no refund will be made.

Yes, it´s possible to reserve the area for private events. Please contact the reception for details and booking options.

To use a gift card you must make a reservation in this website or contact the reception, with the maximum possible advance, in order to be able to enjoy it on the desired date. Don’t forget that GIFT card is valid for one year from the day following the date of issue.

The use of a swimsuit is obligatory. If you forgot it, you can purchase one on reception.

No. The use of bathing cap is not necessary. Long hair must be taken up.

There are men’s and women’s changing rooms, but the baths, massage and relaxation are mixed.

You can remain inside the baths until 3 hours after the check-in, including the time for the massage and use of changing room.

Since In Acqua Veritas is a place of relaxation, it is not allowed to enter with mobile phones, cameras or other equipment that can capture sound or image.
You can ask the staff to take a picture that will later be available for free in digital format.

Pregnant women and people with hypotension  are not allowed due to the physical conditions inherent in bathing. If you suffer from epilepsy or other situation that could lead to sudden loss of consciousness, we advise you to use the baths under the supervision of another adult accompanying you.

No! The pools are shallow and uneven, so dives are forbiden due to the accident risk.

It is not mandatory to be able to swim, since the pools are not deep. If you are not able to swim you must be accompanied by another adult who is and follow safety recommendations. The space does not have life-guard.